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Any successful trainer, whether new or a veteran like me, has most likely dabbled in a wide range of fitness practices to find what they are truly passionate about.  Having said that, there’s nothing at all wrong with being a great all-round PT.  With so many different flavours of training nowadays it is easy to explode the mind with all the options available.

I have spent my fair share of time trying out many different training and fitness practices and still very much touch base with all of them to this day. My main passion though is Calisthenics, firstly because I realised quickly that I didn’t want to rely on sacrificing my training on only being able to train when I had access to a gym facility. Secondly, I have always thought it super cool seeing people performing such things as handstands and human flags etc. My attitude was… “If they can do it, so can I”.

Calisthenics tends to have quite a sense of style when it comes to apparel being that it lends itself to the street workout sense of fashion. Calisthenics clothing might not be necessarily as revealing as say a bodybuilders muscle vest but in the same breath it needs to be clothing that is equally as light and most importantly doesn’t constrict a vast range of movement which occurs within calisthenics.

This leads me to some items from Fitness Label which I love for the reasons mentioned above.

Jogging bottoms, every calisthenics nut knows a sweet pair of Jogging bottoms are vital to looking the part when showing off skills, which may have taken years to obtain. Anyone in the know understands the road to Planche, handstand or side lever etc doesn’t happen overnight. The Heavy Deep Crotch Sweatpants ( fit this bill perfectly, I love these sweatpants! They have that fitted leg but with enough drop in the crotch to use your hips in a straddle or split without tearing and causing embarrassment. They come in both black or a light grey which tick all the boxes for calisthenics styling. Being that calisthenics means you are rolling around on the floor a lot I went with black. The quality has been great with no signs of wear on the knees at this stage. Super comfortable too.


What t-shirts you wear can also determine what vibe you’re rocking when rocking up in the gym looking for the innovative area. For me I was instantly drawn to the Camo Performance T in Green ( )which wasn’t an easy choice as there are a lot of high quality and stylish T’s at I decided on this T though as I had always just worn cotton t-shirts before but wanted to try out the light weight sweat wicking fabric of this shirt. I was not disappointed, the t-shirt looked and felt great giving me all the manoeuvrability I needed in the shoulders as well letting my skin breathe. Plus…it looks cool AF.


Hoodies are the pièce de résistance of the calisthenics vibe. Again, Fitness Label do not make this easy as there is a great selection. Some guys like their hoodies baggy, but for me I like mine fitted. I still lift weights, do squats and deadlifts to maintain a decent physique so I want my hoodie to show that off! I also like my hoodies to have a full-length zip, partly because I tend to get stuck in a hoodie kerfuffle without one. This led me to the Unisex slim fit Hoodie in Grey ( Great fit, simple design and appeases my sense of style. It also let’s me move freely which is crucial.


Top tips for choosing your Calisthenics based clothing. Make sure it suits your style, don’t sacrifice your ambition to look good when training because it can honestly change the way you train. Secondly, make sure you can move freely, if you hinder your natural movement patterns then you are likely to get injured.

Fitness label was such a great option for me to feel unique with my gym kit. Their website is really intuitive and the delivery was quick unlike the fabled story from my first blog entry for Fitness Label (LINK TO BLOG)

Written by Andrew Douglas, Personal Trainer

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