Choose your apparel

Largest range of branded and non – branded fitness apparels such as sweaters, t-shirts, leggings, yoga mats, protein shakers and much more.


Add your brand

Work with us to create your products or provide us with your predesigned concepts. We will create full product visuals for you to approve.


Set up your shop

Choose to set up your own store or let us take that hassle away for a small up-front charge and allow us to set it up for you. Simply embed the page into your own website or social media. You choose your own mark up!


Promote your shop

Shout about your new amazing apparel and merch to your customers via your own website, social media and newsletters. Did you know we can help design promotional material for you? 


Orders Galore

If you set up the shop through our platform we will automatically receive the order direct, fulfil and ship to your customer. For orders via your own website we can arrange to receive the order confirmation through email and process on the same day.


Fast delivery

All orders are processed within 5-7 days and sent direct to the customer for a nominal delivery fee. Products delivered internationally on request.


Collect the cash

For orders processed through our platform you will receive a monthly sales report details your commission due and on receipt of invoice this is paid back to you within 30 days. All orders processed outside of our platform are invoiced minus your mark up. Payment terms to be agreed.