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As this is my first blog for Fitness Label, I am going to keep it along the lines of fitness clothing. As a Personal Trainer of 9 years and an avid sports and fitness fanatic I have certainly had my fair share of fashion disasters when it comes to choosing and ordering gym attire online.

As many of the PTs out there will be aware, the first year of a Personal Trainer’s journey is nothing short of do or die with regards to how successful you will become. Building a successful client base is crucial to any budding PT who has obtained their certification.  At the same time as training clients, developing your client base and training yourself it also pays to keep up with the latest gym fashions.  However, for some it can be a time when credit cards are maxed out or like me, taking a gamble on dodgy looking items from both Amazon and eBay that may just be legit…or not as the case maybe!

I recount one story of ordering a well-known branded t-shirt for something like £4. What a bargain! It looked legit, it was in my favourite colour and it would be perfect for me to train in until I make the big bucks…click, ordered!  Three months later and the tracker reveals that the t-shirt was still in Hong Kong.  As time went on all memory of even ordering the t-shirt passed until one day, a strange little parcel is sitting on my door mat. Confusion hit me because what could I have possibly ordered that would arrive in that small of a package? As I carefully open the mystery parcel, I was stunned to reveal this t-shirt! The fabric was reasonable quality, decent enough brand print on the front, but on busting out my best contortionist mobility I managed to squeeze into the T.  However, I then had to ask myself; if I waltz into the gym wearing a crop top busting at the seams will I be judged?  Now, I am a bit of an alternative dude, tattoos, long hair etc but even I cannot pull off the ‘Wild Stallions’ look made famous by Bill and Ted!

The point I am trying to make is that if you pay £4 for a branded t-shirt then it is probably going to have been made with enough fabric to fit a toddler.

Getting the correct attire for whatever your field of practice is within fitness world is crucial. And you don’t have to break the bank, especially with great companies like Fitness Label.  My top tip for PTs, fitness professionals or just people who love the gym, regardless of how much you spend on fitness clothing it’s not going to last forever.  It’s important to ensure the clothing you wear is suitable for the job you’re doing or the exercise you’re enjoying.  It needs to be comfortable and fall in line with your style requirements. There is nothing worse than wearing kit in the gym which you feel and look awkward in, we all know that will jeopardise your workout in one way or another. 

My main tip would be to do your research and make sure you are putting out the signals you want to as a Personal Trainer or instructor. Even when you are not with clients, people will be watching you around the gym or elsewhere… especially when you are training yourself!

Fitness Label has an awesome range of fitness apparel which is on trend and timeless with colours and fabrics to suit all trainers, personalities, budgets and needs. 

Written by Andrew Douglas, Personal Trainer

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